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Why Tai Chi is not Frosé

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Tai Chi Chuen is like a fine wine, crafted by a master and aged to perfection. It is smooth and bold with subtle flavors and aromas that enchant the senses. It can definitely f**k you up, but to slam it for that reason is to lose its subtle delicacy and the beauty of the winemaker’s skill.

If your only purpose is to get hammered then a standard, not so fine table wine will do just nicely. It’s palatable and it will get the job done. The people who made it are not exactly experts but they won’t poison you either. There is no shame in having a glass of this with dinner but you probably won’t break it out as a main attraction and you won't pay good money for it. It is fine for everyday drinking and if it fits your budget then it's the right wine for you.

This is Jimmy’s toilet bowl wine brewed in his prison cell. Maybe, if you are lucky, Jimmy read a book or watched some videos on wine making or someone showed him how one time. He knows nothing of the subtleties and he has not tested his wine for purity and is not too concerned with flavor. It is as likely to make you sick as it is to make you feel good. Calling it wine is a bit of a stretch, booze or moonshine would be more appropriate.

It takes a minimum of three years to be a qualified wine maker. Jimmy is definitely not qualified.

This is frosé (short for frozen rose). It’s about one part cheap wine, one part sugar syrup and two parts frozen water. It’s made in a slushy machine and it is delicious plus it’s served with this adorable little straw and fruit garnish thingy. It’s a good time with the girls, but it’s not wine and it probably won't make you drunk. Most of the so-called