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I have been studying mainly Yang Style Tai Chi as well as Qigong since 2008. I have studied under different teachers in South Africa, Taiwan, China, and now the USA. I have also studied some Sun and Chen style. The benefit of having had a variety of teachers is that I have been able to compare styles and techniques to find the ones that work best. It has also given me a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Tai Chi and Qigong by allowing me to find common threads that remain true and relevant across disciplines. 

Tai Chi has helped me gain a better connection with and understanding of my body. It has helped me overcome chronic back pain and posture issues. More recently it has helped me manage my PTSD symptoms like anxiety, rage and insomnia and regain control over my mind and body. 

The philosophies, underlying spiritual wisdom and meditation techniques have also had a very positive influence on me. Tai Chi and Qigong have helped me experience and access hidden layers of consciousness and approach my healing both physical and mental from a more holistic perspective. I came to Tai Chi a skeptic but it has helped me to understand that there is more to reality than what can be measured in a lab.

As a professional Tai Chi Instructor, I’ve been privileged to see so many of my students develop and discover their personal strength, get in touch with and regain control over their bodies, achieve better balance physically and in their lives, and become more confident, calm and healthy individuals in general. Tai Chi translates to "ultimate supreme." I will be honored to help you achieve YOUR ultimate supreme self.

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